Chairman’s message

A Tale of Two Cities in Hong Kong and Macau – A Story of Success

In the past 80 years, Delta Asia Financial Group has been developed into an integrated financial institution providing diversified financial services and solutions with business across Hong Kong and Macau. The Group is expanding continuously in the regions by providing a wide range of comprehensive financial services.

“The higher you stand, the more far you see”, After the graduation of my high school in 1958, I chose not to work in my family business but to move to Hong Kong alone in order to learn and observe more about the industry as a trainee in Han Tai Bank. After 3 years, with the support and encouragement of my father, I decided to start my own business and the Delta Asia Trust Limited was set up to conduct foreign exchange business.

In 1960s and 1970s, I am glad that I gained the trust and recognition from the counterparts, seniors in the bank industry and clients, thus I was able to break the monopoly of international banks in foreign exchange business.  I became the first person who introduced modern foreign exchange to Hong Kong and my business was all over the world, including the 3 of founders of World-Wide Shipping Group of Hong Kong, the “Oil Majors”, as well the petroleum exporting countries
Furthermore, I introduced the merchant bank concept to Hong Kong, and the London Gold trading as well as setting up the London Gold Market in Hong Kong. I was one of the biggest gold traders in the world at that time. In 1980s, since my father was aging, I emerged the Banco Delta Asia S. A. and my companies in Hong Kong to create a greater synergy. Then I gradually set up the Delta Asia Securities Limited in Macau, Delta Asia Wealth Management Limited and other subsidiaries, and successfully developed the companies to an all-round conglomerate.

As a pioneer in the financial industry, our Group strives to enhance the quality of customer services for both individual and corporate clients through the optimization of financial services, providing professional consultation and investment service.  We are committed to developing more innovative products, including private banking, private equity funds, listing arrangements, underwriting of securities, mergers and acquisitions, and non-regulatory investment businesses to deliver on our commitment to provide excellent services to our clients.
We will, as always, strive to enhance our business expertise and continue our efforts to maintain a partnership with our customers.

Stanley Au


Delta Asia Financial Group