Our Story


Established in 1935, Delta Asia Financial Group has a history of over 80 years. Started with the banking services, the Group now develops as a financial conglomerate and offers a full range of integrated services, including banking, securities investment, insurance consultancy and wealth management.

As the only wholly, family-owned financial institution in Hong Kong and Macau, the Group operates across Hong Kong and Macau with Delta Asia Bank, Delta Asia Wealth Management Limited and Delta Asia Insurance Limited in Macau, and Delta Asia Securities Limited in Hong Kong. These companies cooperate with each other to create sustainable development opportunities for the Group.

With strong financial strength, “people-oriented” spirit and rich investment experience, the Group is dedicated to provide customers both professional and caring financial services.


The Delta Asia Financial Group is a full-fledged banking and financial services group encompassing the territories of Hong Kong, Macau and Pearl-River-Delta regions. Established in Macau in 1935, Banco Delta Asia S.A., formerly known as Banco Hang Sang, S.A.R.L., provides professional banking services to middle and small-sized enterprises as well as communities in Macau. It later on built up Delta Asia Insurance Limited with general insurance for service expansion. In 1962, Delta Asia Credit Limited was set up as the first Hong Kong branch of the group. Subsequently, the Group developed with the establishment of Delta Asia Securities Limited, Delta Asia Financial Futures and Delta Asia Wealth Management Limited and excelled with the support and applause from society and the industry in securities trading, asset management, financial and insurance business. Noticeably, the Group set up an insurance agency company in 2010.

Nowadays, the Group has outperformed with its diverse services and remarkable achievements.