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If you are interested in joining the financial industry to achieve a milestone of your career, please take a look at our Job Opportunities. Come join Delta Asia Financial Group - a family awaits you

"People-oriented" is the business philosophy of the Group. The Group also source and train talent as part of its corporate responsibility. If you want to make a breakthrough in your career, develop your strengths, or to explore opportunities in the financial services industry, Delta Asia Financial Group will be your best option.

To align with our business development, we invite professionals from different expertise to join our team that emphasizes on integrity and excellence. To find out more about the vacancies available in the Group, please view the following job vacancies and send your personal information, resume and interested vacancies by email or mail to the group should you be interested:



Delta Asia Financial Group

Human Resources and Development Department

Administrative Centre, Largo de Santo Agostinho, Macau

Tel: (853) 8796 9600

Email: [email protected]


1. Introduction of Delta Asia Financial Group

2. Join Delta Asia Financial Group for an Excellent Future (1)

3. Join Delta Asia Financial Group for an Excellent Future (2)

4. Staff Caring

櫃員 (only Available in Chinese)

• 遵照有關法則章程處理分行日常之運作,包括處理客戶之查詢
• 向客戶推介銀行產品及提供優質服務
• 維護銀行形象及提升客戶滿意度

• 大學或以上相關學歷
• 一年顧客服務經驗,或應屆畢業生亦會考慮
• 熟悉電腦 / MS Office
• 熱誠有禮,誠實可靠,待人親切並具備良好社交技巧


客戶服務主任 (only Available in Chinese)

• 提供優質客戶服務,維護分行專業形象
• 向客戶提供投資產品的諮詢服務、投資策略分析及理財方向
• 負責分行產品銷售及客戶關係的維護與拓展
• 協助分行經理制定業務發展和銷售計劃,達成分行的業務指標

• 大學或以上相關學歷
• 2年以上銀行客戶服務經驗
• 對金融或保險產品有認識,並能向客戶提供投資產品的諮詢服務並具管理經驗者優先考慮
• 符合澳門金融管理局規定買賣金融產品或就產品提供意見之資格優先
• 熱誠有禮,誠實可靠及有上進心,待人親切並具備良好社交技巧
• 流利中英文溝通及良好的英語閱讀與表達能力

文員 (only Available in Chinese)
• 支援部門日常行政事務
• 處理部門文書工作
• 資料輸入、整理、核對及文件歸檔

• 大學或以上程度,具財務、會計、工商管理、法律或其他相關專業
• 曾任職大型企業、銀行或財務機構者優先考慮
• 具備良好中文及英文溝通、書寫能力及溝通技巧
• 良好電腦操作技能及文書處理能力 (包括 Excel, Word)


客戶關係經理 - 商業信貸部 (only Available in Chinese)
• 拓展商業信貸業務,以完成貸款指標
• 管理客戶檔案,定期檢討客戶財務安排,尋找新商機
• 規避風險,達到最高財務收益, 最低呆壞帳
• 因應客人所需推廣及銷售其他金融服務
• 協調部門運作,協助及訓練新入職同事,提升本行服務水平

• 大學或以上學歷, 主修工商管理,財務或市場推廣
• 具3年以上銀行工作經驗,曾任職於商業信貸部者更佳 (經驗較淺者,可被考慮為助理客戶關係經理)
• 熟悉商業貸款運作,具良好業務拓展能力及客戶服務態度
• 熟悉銀行信貸分析及撰寫貸款建議書
• 具有獨立思考及工作能力,能積極配合團隊工作
• 有人際網絡,理解客人需要,並適當提供貸款安排建議
• 能讀寫流利中英語文,具良好溝通及解決問題能力
• 熟習電腦MS-Office運作


Senior Manager of Legal & Compliance

• Develop compliance programs and perform compliance checking;
• Prepare compliance related policies and procedures manuals whenever necessary; review and update Legal and Compliance Department’s policies and procedures periodically (annually or bi-annually) and whenever necessary;
• Review and give comments on other departments’ policies and procedures manuals to ensure incorporation of required legal and regulatory requirements;
• Design and conduct AML and other compliance training; AML monitoring assignments;
• Report to Macau GIF on Suspicious Transactions (STRs);
• Customer transactions AML surveillance;
• Prepare and/or coordinate completion and submission of periodic and ad hoc reports and questionnaires to the regulators and government authorities;
• Liaise with external lawyers and regulators on compliance issues;
• Assist in inspection/audits to be conducted by regulators/Group Internal Audit • Department/external auditors;
• Handle ad hoc tasks assigned by Department Head and the Bank

• University graduate (preferably in legal study) with minimum of 8 years legal and compliance working experience, with 3 years as supervisory level of compliance department
• Good knowledge about laws, regulations, rules, guidelines, industry practices, etc. applicable to banks, in particular, the AML/CFT laws and guidelines
• Good compliance checking/audit experiences
• Good knowledge on financial products and services (e.g. banking, loans, securities, insurance, etc.)
• Good analytical, presentation and supervisory skills
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Station in Macau