Employee’s Compensation Insurance

According to the Decree-Law Nº 40/95/M, Portaria Nº 94/99/M and Executive Order Nº 48/2006 of the Macao SAR Government, employers are obligated to provide their employees with liability insurance of labor accidents and occupational diseases.

A caring employer complying with the law will also provide employees with a proper protection of accidents at work, assuring all employee entitlements of their rights and interests while fulfilling their legal liability in employee insurance, for the mutual interests of both parties.

All labors, no matter working in any sectors or beyond the Macau territories despite being hired in Macau are eligible to get compensation in case of having accidents at work or having occupational diseases (except respiratory occupational disease or pneumoconiosis). Insured scope is set according to the insurance ordinance for working accidents and occupational disease.



Coverage Summary

(a) Medical fees

(b) Temporary loss of working ability

(c) Permanent total disability (i.e. 100%)

(d) Permanent partial disability (i.e. not 100%)

(e ) Accidental death

(f) Burial fees

(g) Prosthetic or orthopedic appliances


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Remarks: All employees and their respective income should be fully insured; otherwise, the insurance company shall pay compensation in proportion to the insured number of employees and income, and the deficiency shall be paid by the employer.