Property All Risks

Accidents are out of expectation. There is a common saying that “A spark can burn up a piece of grassland”. Do you worry about the loss of household property caused by an unexpected fire? In case a fire happens, it will make you panic, helpless and out of budget. Preparation today can certainly bring you and your family a sense of security.

Fire insurance coverage:

(a) Accidental fire in your own place;

(b) Fire spread from your neighbor or water stains and smoke stains caused during fire extinguishment;

(c) Damages caused by thunder and lightning; explosion of kitchen appliances or gas fuel;

(d) Other inevitable losses caused by firemen during fire extinguishment

Extra protection can be selected covering losses caused by the following accidents with an extra premium:

(a) Crack of water pipe or overflow of water tank;

(b) Typhoon;

(c) Leakage of sprinkler;

(d) Dropping of flying objects;

(e) Explosion;

(f) Earthquake;

(g) Collision of vehicles;

(h) Intentional damages caused by strikes and riots

(i) Forest fires and landslide

Properties covered by the insurance policies:

Residential buildings: buildings, decorations and furniture, household items, suitcases and personal belongings (except jewelry), electric appliances etc.; Offices /Shops: buildings, tools for operation and business, decorations and furniture etc.; Manufactory Plants: buildings, commodities/inventories, raw materials, finished and semi-finished goods, machinery and parts (including motors and tools, etc.)

Items not covered:

Including : jewelry, antique or artwork, manuscripts, drawings, documentation, data of computer system, stocks, securities, bonds, stamps, account books, cheques and cash, etc.


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Remarks: Only the owner, co-owner, custodian, creditor or any stakeholders of the above-mentioned assets are eligible to get these assets insured from an insurance service provider; others cannot do so should they have no legitimate insurance right nor interests.