Stock Trading

Telephone Order

Delta Asia Securities Limited has a dedicated phone line for trading Hong Kong stocks. We have a team of experienced relationship managers and account executives providing customers with timely market news and trading instructions processing services.

Online Trading

The iTrader Elite program is a comprehensive all-in-one trading tool which enables a user to view real-time stock information; place, cancel, and change orders; monitor order status; check the account balance. Supported browsers includes Chrome50, IE11 or above, IOS Sarafi and Android browser.

Stock Trading Platform Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Guide

Download the eBrokerKey “Two-Factor Authentication” (2FA) App

1. User login

  • In the login page(Fig.1.1), user can easy access website information at the footer, e.g. Disclaimer, Privacy
  • If correct user name, password and token number are typed, risk disclaimer (Fig. 1.2) will show up. Click on “Confirm” to continue, “Cancel” to close up the window.
  • After the successful login, the All-in-one Interface will start up itself(Fig.1.3)
Fig. 1.1 Login Window

Login Window

Correct user name and password must be typed in. If an incorrect user name or password is typed, error message will popup. Click “Confirm” to type in the correct user name and password again. For three consecutive input of wrong user name or password, your account will be suspended. You will then have to call the customer hotline (852) 2533 0777 to re-activate the account.

Fig. 1.2 Risk Disclaimer

Fig. 1.3 “Trading” Interface

2. User interface “Trading”


After the successful login,the “Trading” Interface will pop up automatically(Fig. 2.1)。 

The “Trading” Interface contains 4 sections:

1. Order Ticket Window

2. Account Balance Window

3. Portfolio 

4. Market Quote and Order Book 

Fig. 2.1 “Trading” Interface

Order Ticket Window

iTrader provides Buy/Sell shortcut key to speed up placing orders. User press [ B ] for buy or [ S ] for sell, orders can be placed directly.

Limit Order

  • To place order, select trading market from the dropdown list (HK, US, Shanghai A), enter the stock symbol, the quantity and the price. Then, press the Buy or Sell button according to order type (Fig. 2.2).
  • A confirmation box will pop up and press “Confirm” to send out. if “Close” is pressed, the order would not be placed. If the order is placed successfully, the order sent confirmation message will pop up (Fig. 2.4) and the order detail will then be displayed in the order book.
  • Before input symbol code, you can click search button and then search it from search form.
  • For user to make a clear view of the transaction details are shown in the order confirmation box.

Fig.  2.2 Order Ticket

Fig. 2.3 Confirm Order Box

The currency will be shown after “Price” and “Stop Price” (for Stop Order).

Fig. 2.4 Order Sent Box

Over the Limit Orders

If the order exceeds the credit limit, price limit or stock position, a message dialog box will pop up. This order will not be accepted and not be shown in the order book. (Fig. 2.5a and Fig. 2.5b)

Fig. 2.5a Insufficient stock position

Fig.2.5b Insufficient trading balance

  • Auction Order

The Auction order type will show with specific entitlement (Fig.2.6). Type in the symbol, and quantity, price will be auto change to 0 by choosing the auction order type, and auction order will be placed after clicking on the Buy/ Sell button. Auction order can only be placed during Auction period.

Fig. 2.6 Auction Order
  • FAK

When parts of the quantity are matched with market, either way the order will be sent to exchange and rest of the quantity will be canceled.

Fig. 2.7 FAK Order
  • FOK

Only if the order is fully matched then it will send to exchange, or the order will be cancelled.

Fig. 2.8 FOK Order

Security tips for using internet trading platform