Investment in funds enables us to diversify our investment portfolio in different regions with different asset classes. With the professional knowledge of fund managers and the expertise of fund investment teams in various fields and areas, we can capture economic growths in all areas of the world and achieve above-average returns on investment. 

The Delta Asia Investment Research Team analyzes global macroeconomic and political trends to help you invest in markets with rapid economic growth and political stability. We also make use of quantifying management models to manage risk and make appropriate allocation of investment proportions to help customers managing investment risks and increasing profits.

Funds information

Delta Asia Financial Group offers investment funds from more than 40 fund companies listed below:

  • □  JP Morgan Asset Management
  • □  Value Partners Fund

    □  First State Investments (Hong Kong)

    □  Aberdeen International Fund Management

    □  Franklin Templeton Investments (Asia)

    □  Man Investments (Hong Kong)

    □  Amundi

    □  Baring (Asia)

    □  MoBarclays Capital

    □  Citigroup Fund

    □  CCB International

    □  Tianli Fund

    □  Fidelity Fund Management

    □  PIMCO Fund Management

    □  Macquarie Fund