Index Futures / Options

The dealing of index futures provides more opportunities for investors to take better advantage of the market volatility. Trading strategies can always be formulated no matter whether prices are up or down and whether the overall trend of the stock market is positive or negative.  Both institutional and individual investors would use related products to reduce the risk of their investment portfolios or increase the investment return.

Our services include:

  • □  Chicago Board of Trade – Dow Jones Index, Mini-sized Dow, Mini-sized Dow Options
  • □  Chicago Mercantile Exchange – Mini Standard & Poor's 500 Index, Mini S & P options,  NASDAQ Index, Mini NASDAQ Index, CME Nikkei 225 Index (JPY), CME Nikkei 225 Index (US D) futures
  • □  Intercontinental Exchange Inc. (ICE) – FTSE 100 Index
  • □  Eurex Exchange – DAX Index, Mini DAX, DAX Index Options
  • □  Hong Kong Futures Exchange – Hang Seng Index, Mini Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng China Enterprises Index, Mini-Hang Seng China Enterprises Index, HSI Volatility Index
  • □  Osaka Securities Exchange – Osaka Nikkei, Mini Osaka Nikkei
  • □  Korea Stock Exchange - KOSPI 200 Index
  • □  Singapore Exchange Limited – SGX Nikkei, Mini SGX Nikkei 225 Index, SGX FTSE/Xinjua China A50 Index, MSCI Taiwan Index, SGX India Futures

Agricultural Futures

With our substantial experience and competitive edge in the financial industry, we provide insightful financial updates to producers, manufacturers and investors and assist them in taking part in investing in the products of major global agricultural markets according to their formulated strategies and deployment.

Our services include:

  • □  Chicago Board of Trade – soybean, corn, soybean oil, soybean meal, oats, rough rice, wheat
    □  Chicago Mercantile Exchange – feeder cattle, lean hog, lumber, live cattle
    □  Bursa Malaysia – palm oil

Metals Futures / Options

We provide direct and proper channels as well as consultation service to our clients in trading metals futures and options.
Our services include:
  • □  The New York Mercantile Exchange – COMEX gold, COMEX mini gold, COMEX gold options, high grade copper, COMEX mini copper, high grade copper options, COMEX silver, COMEX mini silver, NYMEX palladium, NYMEX platinum
    □  London Metal Exchange – aluminum, copper, nickel, lead, tin, zinc
    □  Hong Kong Futures Exchange – USD gold futures, London aluminum mini, London copper mini, London zinc mini

Energy Futures / Options

The fluctuation of the price of energy products not only affects the economy, but also brings investment opportunities for potential investors. As a broker in energy futures and options, we provide professional advice for hedging, timely processing of documents and caring customer services.
Our professional team will provide appropriate dealing strategies in light of your needs. With our professional services, abundant resources and outstanding abilities, we can help you to achieve your dealing goals more effectively.
Our services include:
  • □  The New York Mercantile Exchange – light sweet crude oil, NYMEX e-mini light sweet crude oil, light sweet crude oil options, heating oil, gasoline, natural gas, mini natural gas

Currencies Futures / Options

Currencies futures contract not only can help the management of an enterprise to hedge a foreign exchange risk, but also allow investors to capture the investment opportunities from the changes in exchange rates.
Our services include:
  • □  Chicago Mercantile Exchange –Australian dollar, Australian dollar options, British pound, British pound options, Canadian dollar, Canadian dollar options, Swiss franc, Swiss franc options, Euro, mini euro, euro options, Japanese yen, mini Japanese yen, Japanese yen options, New Zealand dollar, New Zealand dollar options, Euro/Swiss Franc, EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, micro AUD/USD, micro USD/CAD, micro EUR/USD, micro USD/Swiss franc
    □  The New York Futures Exchange – US dollar index
    □  Hong Kong Futures Exchange – US dollar/RMB

Interest Rate / Bond Futures

Our services include:
  • □  Chicago Board of Trade – T-Bond,10-Years US T-Notes