Structured Products

Structured products are a complex investment tool, normally includes derivatives. Their return is linked to  performance of related assets ,which can be divided into two categories: listed and unlisted on Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx). Structured products, such as CBBCs and derivative warrants, are traded on HKEx. Structured products that are not listed on the HKEx, such as Equity Linked Deposit (ELD), Equity Linked Notes (ELN) and Gold Linked Deposit (GLD), are mostly sold by banks and other intermediary companies. Due to the high risk of investment in structured products, you should first refer to the sales documents of the investment products to understand their investment objectives, strategies, risks, fees and transaction procedures before making any decisions.

Equity Linked Deposit (ELD)

□  Equity Linked Deposit (ELD) is not equivalent to traditional time deposits, nor is it insured. It is a non-listed structured investment product with derivative instruments and is not protected by the Hong Kong Deposit Protection Scheme. Unless the agency has explained the ELD and evaluated the financial situation of the investors thoroughly, the investors should not invest in the ELD

Equity Linked Notes (ELN)

□  Equity Linked Notes (ELN) is a structured product, trading in Note Form and aiming to earn high. ELN mainly consists of short-term paper and short stock option positions. The return of investment and the relevant investment performance is corelated to each other, it is suitable for those investors who have confidence in the development of certain companies, even under the circumstance of price fluctuation but still willing to take this risk