After having intermingled with you for two days I guess I should be entitled to call you my old friends.  Right?  Ladies and gentlemen

Time is very precious, especially those of you who are running your own businesses.  However, I hope you will not feel regret to have spent two days in this Forum.  As a matter of fact, Members of the organising committee have spent a lot of time and thoughts to fix up the program for these two days.  We have also used a lot of connections and persuasions to gather together this fantastic group of distinguished professors and successful corporate CEOs to speak to us and I hope you have learned something and can apply the acquired knowledge to improve the management of your organisations.  I shall be particularly happy and satisfied if you tell me that you have now an idea of humane entrepreneurship after attending this Forum, because it is for this purpose that we have taken all the troubles in organising this Forum.  It is my personal  ego that I can help the Macao SMEs become the main pillar of the Macao economy.

After two  days of brainstorming, you must all be exhausted and now should be the time to  sing “Auld Lang Syne”.  But as mentioned in the lyric, our friendship will continue.  Yes it is correct, we will meet again next year in New York for a World SME Event.  Therefore, please be patient and remain seated for a few more minutes and we are going to hold a hangover ceremony soon.

However, before I go, I want to thank once again all the speakers for their great efforts and to show my gratitude to all of you for your patronage and the success of this Forum.

Furthermore, I know I am indebted to my mentors for their contribution to the project from embryo stage to fruition and thus I should thank Ambassador Oh Joon, Ambassador Martin Gacia Moritan, Dr Chantal Line Carpentier, Mr Ahmed Osman, Dr Winslow Sargeant, Dr Ayman El Tarabishy, and Dr Ki-Chan Kim for their help and efforts.  Of course, I should not have forgotten the sacrifice in family lives by the organization committee members and my own staff, especially in the last stage of the Forum organization work involved.

Lastly, I should express my gratitude to my wife for having neglected in the last two months because of the busy organizations work in the forum.  Hence, I have to thank her for her tolerance and leniency.

Please forgive me being so tedious and thank you for listening.