Mr. Ahmed Osman, the President of ICSB, the distinguished Professors,  Fellow Participants, Ladies and Gentlemen

It is a great pleasure for me to announce the inauguration of the Macao Says Yes opening ceremony. This Macao Says Yes education program is a trial attempt of the SME World Forum to help the entrepreneurs in Macao to turn their dreams into successful business through the cutting-edge contemporary practices in entrepreneurship.

You may be curious why the Macao SME Association in partnership with ICSB, (i.e. the International Council for Small Business) and the U.S. Small Business Administration have decided to launch this educational event.  It is because we want to help the Macao SAR Government to implement its strategy to diversify Macao’s industries.  We believe it is more appropriate for Macao to diversify into innovative and creative service industry than striving emphatically into hi-tech manufacturing industry.  We believe there is a need for Macao to foster its small and medium entrepreneurs into its major pillar of the economy.  Only in this way we can finally become a prosperous and harmonious society.  We also believe this being the most suitable way to integrate Macao into the Greater Bay Area region.  If this first attempt of ours proves to be successful, we will try to introduce in future, in regular interval, one week full courses in Macao for the benefit of our entrepreneurs.

Since time is precious, I don’t want to drag on any longer and I would like to handover the floor to Prof. Jeffrey Alves.  I trust all of you will have a very rewarding day.