Safe Deposit Box

Banco Delta Asia Tap Seac Branch offers safe deposit boxes of different sizes for you to store important objects

Our safe deposit boxes are set in a facility with advanced and reliable equipment, making them ideal for keeping your valuables

Clients can store and pick up their personal properties during office hour

4 sizes of safe deposit box are available:

Types H x W x D Annual Rent (MOP) Margin (MOP)
A 3" x 5" x 22" 300 500
B 3" x 10" x 22" 500 500
C 5" x 10" x 22" 750 1000
D 10" x 10" x 22" 1000 1000


1.  Clients are required to come to our branches in person for application.

2.  The holders of safe deposit boxes have to be the clients of our Bank. The rental should be paid by autopay via an account opened at Banco Delta Asia.

Other charges:

*loss of one key: $200

*loss of two keys: $500

*We reserve the right to adjust any types of charges.