Securities Trading

Wealth and investment planning can be complicated. Delta Asia devotes to provide comprehensive wealth management services to you. You could invest in multiple global stocks & shares as well as other investment products like unit trust and exchange traded fund (“ETF”). We take time to understand your needs and goals. Our professional team can make a suitable strategy for you.

Through Delta Asia Securities Limited (“DAS”), we offer services include securities brokerage services, securities trading services and securities margin trading services to our clients. DAS is a licensed corporation with Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission and an Exchange Participant of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. We provide one-stop services to retail and institutional investors. Together with essential financial information, our trading platform provides you with reliable and convenient stock trading services.

Securities Brokerage Services

□ We offer securities brokerage services, include local and global securities trading as well as services such as securities margin trading, IPO subscription, IPO subscription financing. Products available to customers for direct trading include stocks and related products: stocks listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited, derivative warrants, callable bull/bear contracts and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), etc.

□ Securities Margin Financing1 - Securities held by customers can turn into a financing tool that provides flexible cash flow. Customers can utilize their fund with flexibility to create abundant opportunities in the constantly changing stock market. We in general provide customers with financial accommodation up to 70% of the market value of the marginal shares held. Using margin financing for leveraged investments enhances the potential benefits and returns and helps you capture market investment opportunities.

Online Securities Trading Services

□ DAS has upgraded its online securities trading system, “iTrader Elite System”2. The iTrader Elite program is a comprehensive all-in-one trading tool that enables users to view real-time stock information, place, cancel and change orders, monitor order status and check account balance.

IPO & IPO Financing

□ There are many investment opportunities through subscribing in new IPO stocks. Our research specialists would analyze the IPOs thoroughly and recommend those with high potentials. With simple procedure, you can access to numerous new IPO listing through us.

□ The IPO Financing Service can also be provided to our clients who have subscribed to new issues of shares and stocks on Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. We offer financing for designated IPO up to 90% or varies depending on the shares, subject to our Company’s terms. You can enjoy margin financing services to enhance their ability to subscribe for new shares. 

Overseas Securities Trading

□ Investing in global equity markets enables you to benefit from some of the growing companies that are not available in your local markets while benefit from diversification. Maintaining a diversified portfolio is essential to any long-term investment strategy which can help you achieve more consistent returns over time and reduce your overall investment risk. Start diversify your portfolio with global stock exchange through trading with Delta Asia. 


The above information is for reference only and does not constitute nor should it be regarded as an advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any investment product(s). Investment involves risks. The prices of stocks and any investment products can go up as well as down. Before making any investment decision, you should consider your own investment experience, investment objectives, financial status and risk tolerance, and consult your independent financial adviser.

For enquiry, you may contact Delta Asia Securities Limited (Hong Kong) or any branches of Banco Delta Asia S. A. (Macao).


Enquiry Hotline:                                               

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US Stock Trading Hotline:                                               

Service Hour: 9:30pm – 3:00am (Hong Kong time zone) 

Hotline: (852) 2533 0828


Notes: The above securities trading is provided by Delta Asia Securities Limited (Hong Kong). The following stock margin ratios are for reference only, which are subjected to change as determined by the market conditions, client’s trading accounts status and other relevant factors. We deserve the right to vary margin ratios and/or stop offering loan for financing margin trading at all times under any circumstances without prior notice to clients.

1 Margin Ratio depends on individual stocks; please refer to the table of Approved Stock List for Stock Margin Ratio for details.

2 Supported browsers include Chrome50, IE11 or above, IOS Safari and Android browser. Users must log on with the dual password mode for security enhancement.