Immigration Service

Delta Asia Financial Group x Union International

Delta Asia Financial Group and Union International join forces to combine competitive edges of both parties in order to provide customers with one-stop overseas immigration, property purchase and financial services. Our team is experienced, professional and reliable, and will surely be able to help customers move to their desired countries in a smooth and quick manner.



Union International is a professional immigration consultancy which has the most competent consultation team on the mainland and overseas, with the world's best resources and information network. The company provides efficient, caring and customer-oriented one-stop service according to its performance pledge —

serve with professionalism and sincerity; ensure successful applications.


The founder, Ms. Nataniey Tse, is an immigration professional serving in the consulting industry since 2003. She has solid experience in immigration advisory and business management and has successfully helped nearly 10,000 high-end families migrate abroad and apply for overseas studies.

Asian countries:


  • Business Manager Visa
  • Set up a company in Japan
  • Hold the property in the name of the company
  • Manage the company


  • Global Investor Programme
  • Family reunion


  • Malaysia My Second Home Programme


Oceanian countries:

New Zealand

  • Investment Visa


  • Business Innovation Stream Visa (188A)
  • Business Investor Stream Visa (188B)
  • Significant Investor Visa (SIV)
  • Business Talent Visa (132)
  • Skilled Independent Visa (189)
  • Family Reunion


North American countries:

United States:

  • EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa
  • EB-1A Aliens of Extraordinary Ability Visa
  • Family Reunion


  • Quebec Investor Visa
  • Federal Skilled Worker Visa
  • Federal Self-Employed Visa
  • Family Reunion


  • UK Investor Visa
  • Ireland Investor Visa
  • Portugal Investor Visa
  • Malta Investor Visa
  • Greece Investor Visa
  • Spain Investor Visa
  • Italy Investor visa


Passport Programme:

  • Cyprus Visa Scheme
  • Turkey Visa Scheme
  • Vanuatu Visa Scheme
  • Antigua Visa Scheme
  • Saint Kitts Visa Scheme
  • Dominica Visa Scheme
  • Saint Lucia Visa Scheme
  • Grenada Visa Scheme


Most popular countries to immigrate to:

Business Manager Visa

Application Requirements:

  • The main applicant is at least 20 years old with no criminal records
  • Set up and operate a company with at least 5 million yen or hire at least two full-time employees who live in Japan


  • Short Application time: around 4 to 6 months
  • No requirement on academic qualification, language, business management, physical examination and interview
  • Registered company capital can be freely allocated
  • Enjoy the same benefits as Japanese citizens once the Visa application is approved
  • Well-developed healthcare system: become beneficiaries of the social security system
  • Children can enjoy free education
  • 190 Visa exempt countries
  • Foreign tax exemption



Malaysia My Second Home Programme

Application requirements:

  • Main applicant under 50 years old: Have a deposit of MYR 500,000 three months before the application
  • Main applicant 50 years old or above: Have a deposit of MYR 350,000 three months before the application
  • Have an offshore monthly income of MYR 10,000 three months before the application
  • No criminal records


  • Permanent Visa, no minimum residency requirement
  • No age limit and no requirement on English proficiency or business management
  • Fast approval: the earliest time to receive approval is 4 months upon application
  • The scheme is supported, promoted, planned and implemented by the Malaysian government
  • Foreign income imported into Malaysia is not subjected to tax
  • Children can enjoy free primary education
  • After obtaining the residence status, children can apply for the joint university admission programme as an “overseas Chinese student” and enter a prestigious local school with a low score


3.United Kingdom

UK Investor Visa Scheme

Application requirements:

  • The main applicant is 18 years old or above
  • The main applicant, or his/her spouse, or the couple jointly have a deposit of not less than £2 million with the deposit record of at least 2 years
  • Complete the investment within three months upon arrival: invest in UK corporate bonds or stocks


  • Free and flexible investment, ensuring that the maximum benefits can be captured based on the existing wealth
  • Simple and fast application: the earliest time to receive approval is 10 working days upon application
  • Children under the age of 18 can be accompanied by the main applicant and enjoy free education
  • Free medical benefits for the whole family
  • Obtain a "Global Pass" - Holding a British passport and enjoy visa-free access to various countries in the world
  • One-on-one quality services provided by financial experts