Tracker Fund

Delta Asia’s "Tracker Fund" Investment Savings Plan

Assisting you in grasping the best investment opportunities

It is not easy for most of the investors to capture the best moment to invest in the stock market. The deployment of Average Cumulative Investment may help to solve the problem. It is especially suitable for those beginners who have no thorough understanding in investment yet and are therefore having hesitation in making any investment in the stock market. Delta Asia’s “Tracker Fund” Investment Savings Plan is therefore designed to allow investors to make cumulative investment in a longer timeline without the need of spending a large investment amount at one time.

Our “Tracker Fund” Investment Savings Plan makes good use of Dollar Cost Averaging to let investors accumulate shares of Tracker Fund (2800, HK) listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. The investment in Tracker Fund (2800, HK) is mainly based on and in the same proportion as the current 50 Hang Seng Index (HIS) constituent stocks, and therefore resulting in direct linkage to HSI performance regarding its return on investment. Since Hang Seng Index constituent stocks are always restructured in by keeping the best performing stocks and eliminating the stocks that do not performance well, HSI generally reflects the overall performance of the Hong Kong stock market.

To maximize your return on investment, you can simply make investment in a fixed amount on a monthly basisor any time according to your own preference and financial status.